Last updated: Thu Sep 24 23:16:01 2020

Purpose: Nictiz maintains a localizable, general purpose version of the official CDA Stylesheet. It's built to work with multiple languages and maintained for feature parity with the official master.

Click any of these 260 files to view. A file that has its languageCode set will render in that language if available, or revert to the default language en-US

Download the set: or just the Stylesheet. View the list of translations or the stylesheet documentation. Note: this file is big so loading takes a while.
Info: henket(a)
Credits: For the better part, this list of examples was compiled by René Spronk of Ringholm. The XSL is derived of the original CDAr2 XSL that has been updated by many people and has lastly graciously been updated and hosted by Lantana Group. See here for full documentation and credits for the XSL.